Good eHealth

Good eHealth was a three-year study (2006-2008) financed by the European Commission.

The objectives of the study were to:

  • Indentify good practices and their benefits;
  • Stimulate and foster accelerated take-up of eHealth
  • eHealth in Action

    Good Practice in European Countries

    News calender

    This booklet presents 30 summary case studies from 30 European countries, and many more abstracts of additional cases

    Expert impact assessment

    Introduce yourself to a sound, new, innovative eHealth-specific impact assessment method. Read about proven, real-life, good practice eHealth examples selected by an expert panel. These comprehensive descriptions are written by a team of authors. Solutions illustrate the whole continuum of the health care value system.

    >> more about impact assessment

    Viviane Reding

    Viviane Reding
    Commissioner for Information Society and Media

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    The information gathered [...] clearly shows that eHealth does matter, that it is well worth the investment, and can lead to very substantial benefits.

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